Sunday, June 30, 2013

Karanak and his Fleshhounds

 photo 100_0500.jpg
 photo 100_0502.jpg
 photo 100_0501.jpg

Herald of Khorne on a Juggernaut of Khorne.

 photo 100_0496.jpg
 photo 100_0497.jpg
 photo 100_0498.jpg
 photo 100_0499.jpg

Bloodthirster..! Death incarnate.!!

Love this model and never fails to attract a ton of fire from the enemy. He is still a work in progress. Will update when finished and painted.

 photo 100_0539.jpg

Bloodletters of Khorne

50 Bloodletters of Khorne...
 photo 100_0495.jpg

More Berzerkers?

You can never have to many Berzerkers.... This squad, fluff wise, is the new recruits or newly inducted prisoners from different campaigns. Anyway, pictures...
 photo 100_0515.jpg
 photo 100_0516.jpg
 photo 100_0518.jpg
 photo 100_0519.jpg

More Berzerkers...

Must have more...
 photo 100_0521.jpg
 photo 100_0522.jpg
 photo 100_0523.jpg
 photo 100_0524.jpg

Chaos Space Marines

I have made these chaos space marines so that they could be chosen as well. The specialist weapons are magnetized and I am happy how this turned out. I will probably replicate this on all future chaos space marine squads.
 photo 100_0529.jpg
 photo 100_0525.jpg
 photo 100_0527.jpg
 photo 100_0526.jpg
 photo 100_0528.jpg

New Khorne Raptors!

All Painted up and posted for your enjoyment:

 photo 100_0504.jpg
Grast (Raptor Champion):
 photo 100_0505.jpg
 photo 100_0506.jpg
 photo 100_0507.jpg