Sunday, April 7, 2013


Bloodcrushers on the move.
Squad Photo:
 photo 100_0490.jpg
 photo 100_0488.jpg
 photo 100_0489.jpg

We need a new driver.... This one is dead.

Kharn and Reznik's Berzerkers hate walking and like assault type transports. So if not the rhino, I guess all I have left (minus forgeworld) is the Land Raider. I tried to make it look as pre-heresy as possible, because it is one of the few models in this army that have been around since the heresy (attrition rate is high, so do you need a job?).
 photo 100_0479.jpg
 photo 100_0478.jpg
 photo 100_0480.jpg
 photo 100_0482.jpg
 photo 100_0481.jpg
 photo 100_0483.jpg

Borislav, Khorne Lord on Juggernaut

I needed a Khorne lord who could deliver his axe of doom to unwilling prey. I love this guy in the game, because he murders everyone. Him and Kharn are next up to be painted. Of course, new pictures when finished.
 photo 100_0474.jpg
 photo 100_0475.jpg
 photo 100_0476.jpg
 photo 100_0477.jpg
Update 06/30/2013 (painted):
With his Spawn escort:
 photo 100_0509.jpg
Individual Photos:
 photo 100_0510.jpg
 photo 100_0511.jpg
 photo 100_0512.jpg


I didn't like Gamesworkshop original pose. It was to plain and didn't seem to give kharn any character. I wanted to altered him to look like he would be screaming his hatred towards the gods (and enemy players). In addition, I thought his original Gorechild weapon was mundane, so I gave him Angron's larger gorechild. I like the way the end product turned out.

 photo 100_0413.jpg
 photo 100_0414.jpg
 photo 100_0415.jpg
 photo 100_0417.jpg


Someone needs to grab objectives when everyone else is dead. 
Group photo:
 photo 100_0520.jpg
 photo 100_0418.jpg

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Reznik's Berzerkers

Here is Reznik's Berzerkers. They usually accompany Kharn until he kills them or they die on their own. I repainted Reznik (Squad Aspiring Champion) and the top three berzerkers (only the skin on the third one)... Anyway, Here are the pictures.
Squad Shot:
 photo 100_0412.jpg
Reznik himself:
 photo 100_0400.jpg
 photo 100_0401.jpg
 photo 100_0402.jpg
 photo 100_0403.jpg

More to show later...

This army has been in the works for awhile.

I have been building this army since about September 2012. I have played in a couple of tournaments and like the way this army is looking aesthetically. I am not going to sugar coat it, I don't win very many tournaments. But the army makes the game more interesting and very enjoyable. Anyway, I decided that the best way to get the army built and painted was going to require some help. Long story short, I have decided to pay someone else to paint my models to their base colors. Then sooner or later, I will go back and paint them to my standard, but who knows if that will ever happen. Well, I just thought I would give some background information on the army before bed.